[GOKUTEISOU] Lowdown Bumpstop ‘Zenith’

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“The fear of bumpstop contact is gone”


Coming to the aid of low-down Toyota drivers, these adjustable height silicone bumpstops were born, drastically reducing ride shock when contact is made.


☑ Shock reduction
Impact shock reduction 70% less than factory bump rubber. Even improving ride quality of ‘No-sus’ specification vehicles.

☑ Durability
Compared with the conventional silicon bumpstop, it is 50% more durable. This bumpstop has been used on our IZANAMI GX71 demo car for more than five years.

☑ Useful function
Since the bumpstop height can be adjusted by 3mm increments with each ‘spacer’, rear height adjustment & stroke setting is very simple.


For use on GX51, GX61, GX71, 10-series Soarer, Celica XX, MX41, AA63 Carina and other classic Toyota models equipped with semi-training-arm type rear suspensions.


*For competition use only.

*Price is per one (1) item. Add two to your cart for one vehicle.



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