1983 GX61 Cresta
Custom Details
Front suspension:
<GOKUTEISOU> Aluminum lightweight front hubs
<GOKUTEISOU> Ultra-short pillowball joint adjustment arms allowing 10J A-type wheels within normal factory fender lines
<GOKUTEISOU> High-angle knuckles
<GOKUTEISOU> Pillowball joint tension rods
<GOKUTEISOU> Super-short pillowball joint tie rod ends
<GOKUTEISOU> Fully adjustable coilovers w/ 24kg spring rate
<GOKUTEISOU> ‘Demon Slayer’ Pillowball joint upper mounts for GX61
Front brakes: <GOKUTEISOU> WILWOOD 4-pot caliper big brake kit
Front wheel: IZANAMI full custom ENKEI SPIT MODENA 10J A-type
Front tire: 175/60 size ​​’hippari’ tire
Rear fender: Utilizing genuine factory fenders, inner edges were cleanly rolled to allow tire clearance
Rear shock: <GOKUTEISOU> Extremely low short rear shock, Stage 3
Rear spring: <GOKUTEISOU> Lowdown SP01 rear dual-rate spring
Rear suspension:
<GOKUTEISOU> Lowdown bumpstops
<GOKUTEISOU> Rear arms narrowed and converted to full pillowball joint type (adjustable toe camber specification)
<GOKUTEISOU> Ultra-short rear axles
<GOKUTEISOU> Transmission mount: 30mm thick reinforced raised rigid mounting bracket
Differential: Rear subframe diff mount raised, 2WAY mechanical LSD & final gear optimization
Rear wheel: IZANAMI full custom ENKEI SPIT MODENA 11J A-type
Rear tire: 205/50 size ‘hippari’ tire
One-off stainless muffler & support fully raised setup
[GOKUTEISOU] × [Naniwa-kan] Headers + 2-1 Support set
Dual exhaust
Exterior: Full paint in Lexus factory Silver