Nissan / Toyota Upper Mount

We have significantly increased the lineup of compatible models for our GOKUTEISOU Series pillowball upper mount, including Nissan and added Toyota chassis. The updated lineup also covers late model GX61 and the C130 Laurel.
<Nissan Compatible Models>
GC10 Skyline “Hakosuka”
GC110 Skyline “Kenmeri”
GC210 / 211 Skyline “Japan”
C130 Laurel
S130 Fairlady Z
<Toyota Compatible Models>
GX71 / GX70 Cresta / Mark II / Chaser / Cressida / Mark II Van
GZ10 / MZ11 / MZ12 Soarer
GA61 / MA61 / MA63 Celica XX (Celica Supra)
GX51 / 61 / MX60-series / RX60-series (Early Model) Cresta / Mark II / Chaser / Cressida
GX61 / MX60-series (Late Model) Cresta / Mark II / Chaser / Cressida
MX30 / MX40 / MX41 / RX30 / RX40-series “Butame” Mark II / Chaser /Cressida
“I want to add more camber up front.”
“I want to put a wider front wheels.”
This pillowball upper mount satisfies these hard demands.
You can see the product details and order on our online shop.
*Limited production