GX71 Cresta

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GX71 Cresta Twin Cam 24
Work on our GX71 Cresta was previously completed.
<GOKUTEISOU> Aluminum lightweight front hubs
<GOKUTEISOU> Ultra-short pillowball joint adjustment arms allowing 10J A-type wheels within normal factory fender lines
<GOKUTEISOU> High-angle knuckles
<GOKUTEISOU> Pillowball joint tension rods
<GOKUTEISOU> Super-short pillowball joint tie rod ends
<GOKUTEISOU> Fully adjustable coilovers w/ 24kg spring rate
<GOKUTEISOU> ‘Demon Slayer’ Pillowball joint upper mounts for GX71
Front brakes: <GOKUTEISOU> WILWOOD 4-pot caliper big brake kit
Front full flat subframe
<GOKUTEISOU> Rear arm reinforced ‘narrowed’ pillowball joint full toe and camber adjustable setup allowing 10.5J to fit within genuine factory fender lines
<GOKUTEISOU> Super shortened rear axles
<GOKUTEISOU> Transmission mount: 30mm reinforced, rigid type
Differential: Raised differential / 2WAY mechanical LSD & final gear optimization
<GOKUTEISOU> Rear fully adjustable 16kg coilover
<GOKUTEISOU> Rear full flat subframe
By integrating fully adjustable pillowball joint elements and suspension parts developed over many years, the final spec has perfect alignment. Despite its very low height, steering is light and agile, and you can comfortably drive long distances at high speed without becoming tired.
You can find many of the <GOKUTEISOU> suspension parts incorporated into this car on our online shop (the link is in our profile). In 2023, we plan to add many more new products to the lineup, so please keep an eye on our blog and online shop.