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【Review】Recommended Wheel Nut & Lock Nut for Japanese Classic Cars【Including My Failed Experience】



「There are a variety of wheel lock nut set types available, but which one best suits Japanese classic ‘kyusha’ cars?  Recently, we have heard multiple cases of stolen vintage wheels, so what is the best countermeasure against it?」


I’ll address these questions here.




» Decisively IZANAMI; Recommend ‘DOBERMAN’ 

» My Failed Experience; Problems With a Wheel Nut Set Made by Project Kics

» Conclusion; IZANAMI Looks Good! 



My name is Park, staff at IZANAMI, living and enjoying classic car life in Japan for nearly 15 years. Over those years, I’ve gradually become used to performing regular maintenance on classic cars here.

One of the problems I come across most often is finding the proper parts to suit classic Japanese cars; Especially parts that uphold the true Japanese authenticity that those cars truly deserve. I definitely feel that most readers of this article will agree with me.




This article is aimed at all users, so it is written in its simplest form without technical terms.

「Use of complex technical terms = negligence of the author」In a specialized field, this can be a difficult task, but basic terms will be favored so that even beginners can understand.

Explanation of lock nut and wheel nut sets for Japanese classic cars will be explained in a straightforward way, please allow about 3-minutes reading time.

If you have any questions regarding the contents, please contact us using the inquiry form. We’ll reply within 1 day.

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Recommended Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set for Japanese Classic Cars 【Including My Failed Experience】



The resolution for Japanese classic cars is IZANAMI ‘DOBERMAN

» ‘DOBERMAN’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set | IZANAMI OFFICIAL


With free worldwide shipping. Each set is「$98USD」


Set includes: 4 lock nuts, 1 lock nut key, 16 wheel nuts

This price includes a full set of lock nuts and wheel nuts for both 4-lug and 5-lug cars.


Well, this is more expensive than the Made in China items sold on Amazon, right?

Since the specification and essence of this lock nut set is worth about 3 times more than those made in China, don’t worry.

Those reading this blog can get a special gift as detailed here, » Conclusion; IZANAMI Looks Good! so please read until the end.



The Reason Why IZANAMI ‘DOBERMAN‘ is Recommended


・This lock nut key type is not sold in markets outside Japan, so it makes your wheels very deterrent to theft.

・A 17mm nut head allows the nut to blend with the design of vintage Japanese wheels, not overshadow it.

・Resistance against color/finish flaking and fading

・Made in Japan, with high quality and accuracy, and strong threading

・A closed-type nut so that wheel stud bolts will not be exposed or rust

・If the special lock nut key is lost, purchasing a replacement key using confirmation of identity and purchase history record is possible.

・A Japanese traditional style package design that you’ll want to display in your garage.


According to above,

A top-quality lock nut and wheel nut set is a necessity for all classic cars. As treasured classic Japanese wheels have become so rare, in case they are stolen, obtaining exactly the same spec again is likely around 0%. Protecting your beloved set of classic wheels at only $98USD is cheaper than any plan theft insurance can offer, right?

On the design side, there are almost no wheel nut sets with a 17mm head in American markets. Almost all wheel nuts there have a head size of 19mm or 21mm, appearing awkwardly large on vintage Japanese wheels and distracting from the wheels intricate design and visual balance.

Regarding finish flaking, I tightened and loosened the nut repeatedly using an impact wrench, but there was no flaking in the finish or shape deformation at all. Photo↓


In the unfortunate case that your special nut lock key is lost, purchasing a replacement key from IZANAMI is possible through verification of your purchase history and identity. Though it would be a waste to lose the key, so of course its best not to lose it!

And perhaps the most important aspect of all, regarding the point,「Made in Japan, with high quality and accuracy, and strong threading」here is where I will explain 「My Failed Experience」




My Failed Experience: The problem of a lock nut set produced by a company called Project Kics


Though the product was returned and fully refunded, I never felt 「Well, they were alright」because of the time wasted trying them.


 Project Kics Wheel Nut Set 


A brief summary of the problems with Project Kics product:

・Since the nut head size was a compact 17mm, I bought it, but the shape looks like something out of the movie, “The Matrix”

・Because this nut head is ‘open-type’ the cars stud bolt can easily rust.

・My car is a Toyota so I bought the M12x1.5 pitch type, but from the 16 nuts included, 6 of the nuts threading became stripped after tightening, so I couldn’t use them at all.

・Though ‘Made in Japan’ is written on the box, such a manufacturer probably does not exist in Japan. Likely they were made in China.

・Because I couldn’t use them on my car at all, I contacted Amazon Support for a refund.

・I was given a full refund on the same day (lol).


Those kinds of problems.

Though Amazon Support was very helpful and understanding, time was completely wasted buying a product that has Made in China quality.

Honestly, a wheel lock nut that suited classic Japanese cars was nowhere to be found, even after researching heavily hundreds of products on Amazon…   Through a waste of my own hard-earned money on inferior goods, I tried but failed in that experience.




Reviews of IZANAMI ‘DOBERMAN’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set

We conducted a special advance sale of IZANAMI ‘DOBERMAN‘ Lock Nut Set to the most discerning Japanese classic car owners and gathered their comments and reactions in a survey. (78 Customers)

The results were outstanding.

・Customers satisfied with ‘DOBERMAN‘ 97.6%

・Strong feeling of a increase in safety against theft using ‘DOBERMAN‘ 96.3%

・’DOBERMAN‘ users who would recommend the product to others 94.8%



Though I am an IZANAMI staff member, a customer who bought ‘DOBERMAN‘ said to me,「The ‘DOBERMAN‘s safety and quality are amazing! Park, you’ve gotta be using them too! 」urging me to buy them even though I’d already known everything about them. Since I knew all the details he was praising, I could talk with him about it a lot, haha.




Conclusion: IZANAMI Looks Good!


Under the advice of the company president of IZANAMI, I bought a set of ‘DOBERMAN’ Lock Nut and Wheel Nuts for myself, installed them on my car, and am completely satisfied.

Further, here is a bit of news:

After negotiating with the IZANAMI company president about the point 「We want the world to know about ‘DOBERMAN’!」, customers who read this blog and bought ‘DOBERMAN’ could receive a special ‘not for sale’ IZANAMI sticker as a present!

By putting「I read Park’s blog!」in the remarks section of the checkout you can receive this special gift with your purchase. Even if to say, ‘Boss, that’s too generous!’, it’s gonna be a surprise when you see what kind of sticker arrives.



Visit the IZANAMI webshop:

» ‘DOBERMAN’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set | IZANAMI OFFICIAL


That’s all for now.

Let’s spread comfortable Japanese classic car life around the world!