Celica XX ⑧

posted in: Kyusha Custom, Wide Custom

The Celica XX that we had been hard at work on was completed.
We took some photos of it near our shop.

① Base vehicle
1985 Twin Cam 24 Toyota Celica XX (Late Model)

② Technical Custom Details

Reinforced shortened/raised frame
Front cross-member, rear cross-member, transmission and propeller shaft raised.

Front coilover: <Gokuteisou> Fully adjustable coilover setup, 24kg rate spring

Front suspension: <Gokuteisou> Pillowball type shortened lower arm ・ Reinforced shortened rack end ・ Pillowball tie-rod end

Front wheel: IZANAMI Full-Custom Techno Phantom 14-inch 9.5J A-type

Front tire: 175/60 ‘hippari’ tire

Rear fender: Utilizing car’s genuine factory fender, 14-inch wheel tuck-in specification

Rear shock: <Gokuteisou> Low-down stage 3 damper

Rear spring: <Gokuteisou> Low-down SP01 dual-rate rear spring

Rear suspension:
<Gokuteisou> Rear drive shafts (axles) strengthening and shortening

Bumpstop mounts shortened: Ultra-low bumpstop modification

<Gokuteisou> Rear arm strengthening/shortened with pillowball joint mounts (toe camber-free specification)

<Gokuteisou> Raised transmission mount: Rigid structure with 30mm reinforcement

Differential: Raised differential mount / 2-WAY mechanical LSD & final gear optimization

Rear wheel: IZANAMI Full-Custom Techno Phantom 14-inch 10.5J A-type

Rear tire: 185/55 ‘hippari’ tire

One-off original stainless exhaust & support
[Gokuteisou] × [Naniwa-kan] Headers + 2-1 Support set
Resonator w/ dual exit exhaust

This Celica XX tucks a super-wide 10.5J A-type within factory normal rear fenders at an extremely low-down ride height.
We’ve arrived at this custom work by matching various parts of our own that have been developed over many years, including our original coilovers, springs and other IZANAMI suspension parts.
Although the car is this low, steering is light and manageable, and you can drive comfortably without feeling tired even at long distances.

You can find the <Gokuteisou> series of suspension parts including our original coilovers used on this project on our online webshop.
We are planning to add a lot of newly developed suspension parts to the lineup in 2021, so please keep an eye out for them.