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We have finally replenished stock on our conical-type centercaps which had been sold out for quite some time. We had received lots of inquiries on this type of cap, apologies to have kept you waiting. Please note that production quantities are limited this time as well. We’ve added Tomcat centercaps to the lineup. Please check our online shop for details. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Pillowball Upper Mount

[GOKUTEISOU] GX71 / 10 Soarer / Celica XX Front Demon Slayer Pillowball Upper Mount. Although it is another limited run, this product is now back in stock. This specialized pillowball upper mount satisfies such needs as; “My front camber angle is not enough” or “I want to fit wider wheels up front”. You can find this product and it’s details in our online shop. *Limited quantity IZANAMI Co., Ltd.

New: Toyota Headers

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[GOKUTEISOU] × [NANIWA-KAN] Headers + 2-to-1 Support Set for Toyota This set of headers are a collaboration effort with [NANIWA-KAN], produced specifically for older model Toyota vehicles. The headers raise the exhaust position by 30mm to accommodate cars with extremely low ride heights. Thorough layout construction and top quality stainless steel are used to achieve the highest sound quality. Compatible Model: GA61 Celica XX / GZ10 Soarer Twin Cam  (1G-GE / 1G-GEU engine) GX61 Twin Cam  (1G-GE / 1G-GEU engine) … Read More

New: Rear Member Collar

This rear member collar set, which is indispensable for extremely low down cars, has finally arrived. Changes in alignment are suppressed, rigidity is increased, controllability is significantly improved and traction performance is maximized. This collar set not only improves ride quality for general city driving but also race, drifting, “nonsly”, and a wide range of driving situations. This is a very cost-effective product, so please give it a try. Suitable for GX51, GX61, GX71, 10-series Soarer, Celica XX, Butame, AA63 … Read More

New Sticker Designs

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IZANAMI horizontal logo IZANAMI gold hiragana vertical logo IZANAMI silver kanji vertical logo Wheel logo (gold/silver) Available in 5 types. Produced with an emphasis on texture and timeless simplicity. (Limited to 100 each) Feel free to collect them all. You can find these limited edition stickers in our official webshop. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

GX71 Mark II ③

  We continue with progress work on the front suspension.  [Gokuteisou x T-DEMAND] GX71 / 10 Soarer Front Defeat Pillow Upper Mount Set “My front camber angle is not enough” or “I want to fit a wider wheel up front” are demands satisfied by this new pillowball upper mount. We have produced this mount in collaboration with “Super Lowdown Meister” specialist shop T-DEMAND. We posted previously about the shortened front arms for this GX71 and we have also installed … Read More

Tax Increase Notice

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In line with the 10% increase in consumption tax nationwide in Japan from October 1st, we are pleased to inform our customers of our offical certification for customer rewards for in-store cashless purchases. When making in-store purchases with payment by select credit cards, IC transportation cards, smartphone payment applications or electronic currency methods, customers shall receive a 5 percent return on their purchase total. (The offer is eligible only on in-store purchases. Purchases from our online shop are not eligible.) … Read More

Aluminum Shift Knob

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Introducing a new product. A refined and simple shift knob for your classic car. It is moderately long, easy to grip, and sophisticated in appearance. Machined from high-strength aluminum with IZANAMI logo engraved on the top. A top quality billet shift knob that resists corrosion and has excellent durability. With M8, M10 and M12 conversion adapters included, it is compatible with almost all manufacturers. Though small in size, it carries the atmosphere of IZANAMI’s unique worldview. Made in Japan … Read More


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【Review】Recommended Wheel Nut & Lock Nut for Japanese Classic Cars【Including My Failed Experience】     「There are a variety of wheel lock nut set types available, but which one best suits Japanese classic ‘kyusha’ cars?  Recently, we have heard multiple cases of stolen vintage wheels, so what is the best countermeasure against it?」   I’ll address these questions here.  

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