Year-End Product Restock

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Although shortages on a few popular products continued this season, we have finally been able to increase stock on many of them. Please take a look at our web shop.   IZANAMI Co., LTD.

IZANAMI Limited T-Shirt

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A T-shirt that embodies the unique world view of Izanami. Each logo is hand-embroidered by a craftsman one by one. The body pattern is roomy, yet has a clean waist line and sharp silhouette. Made of cotton that feels good to the touch, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The shirt sports casual versatility and pairs well with a wide variety of looks. This limited product can be purchased from the online shop on our official website. IZANAMI Co., … Read More

Front Subframe

“New IZANAMI front subframe production” We are currently producing front subframes for a number of old car models with a focus on appearance, functionality, direct bolt-on ability, and strength. The design optimizes the geometry for extremely low ride heights. Production combines precision laser-cut processing and pipe bending to achieve the highest quality finish. We will post updated details soon. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Centercap Restock

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We have restocked various centercap products that have been out of stock for a long time. We apologize to keep those who previously inquired waiting. We have also added August Feroce caps to our lineup. Please note that quantities are once again limited and will be out of stock when sold out. For more info on these products, please visit our online shop. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Roll Center Adapter

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[GOKUTEISOU] 35mm roll center adapter for Toyota The next evolution of our roll center adapters, an indispensable element for achieving ultra-low ride heights. These correct arm angle and maximize the performance of the front suspension. Available now in our online shop IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Limited Work Cap

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Introducing a limited work cap which has been a requested item by our customer base. Utilitarian design with IZANAMI logo embroidery. Designed to be well-worn and gain character with heavy use. Made of soft and comfortable to wear Supima cotton. Great for casual or work wear Dark navy color Can be purchased only on our official online shop. Produced in very limited quanities and will be discontinued when out of stock. <Chiyo Western Clothing> A haute couture specialty store with … Read More


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We have restocked our RIVERSIDE center cap, which had been out of stock for a long time. To those who inquired about availability, sorry to have kept you waiting. Please note that the quantity is limited this time as well. Please check our online shop for these centercaps and more speciality parts. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Nissan / Toyota Upper Mount

  We have significantly increased the lineup of compatible models for our GOKUTEISOU Series pillowball upper mount, including Nissan and added Toyota chassis. The updated lineup also covers late model GX61 and the C130 Laurel.   <Nissan Compatible Models> GC10 Skyline “Hakosuka” GC110 Skyline “Kenmeri” GC210 / 211 Skyline “Japan” C130 Laurel S130 Fairlady Z   <Toyota Compatible Models> GX71 / GX70 Cresta / Mark II / Chaser / Cressida / Mark II Van GZ10 / MZ11 / MZ12 Soarer … Read More

Inventory Status

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The low-down bumpstops that were previously restocked in 100 sets have sold out yesterday. The next run of product is scheduled for release in early-to-mid April. We apologize that we cannot take reservations on this product, as there were lots of inquiries and it becomes difficult to respond individually. We will make an announcement here when product is restocked again. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Lowdown Bumpstop

We have restocked our product [Gokuteisou] Lowdown Bumpstop ‘Zenith’ which had been sold out for quite some time. We received many inquiries for this product, apologies to have kept those of you waiting. Please note that this restock is also available in limited quanities. We have made minor design changes to further improve useability and durability. You can find this product in our official online shop. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

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