GX61 Cresta ⑪

Work on our GX61 Cresta was completed. ① Base vehicle 1983 GX61 Cresta ② Custom Details Front suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Aluminum lightweight front hubs <GOKUTEISOU> Ultra-short pillowball joint adjustment arms allowing 10J A-type wheels within normal factory fender lines <GOKUTEISOU> High-angle knuckles <GOKUTEISOU> Pillowball joint tension rods <GOKUTEISOU> Super-short pillowball joint tie rod ends <GOKUTEISOU> Fully adjustable coilovers w/ 24kg spring rate <GOKUTEISOU> ‘Demon Slayer’ Pillowball joint upper mounts for GX61 Front brakes: <GOKUTEISOU> WILWOOD 4-pot caliper big brake kit Front … Read More

Eagle Mask ③

The next stage in the progress of our GX61 project was the completion of the manual transmission swap. The factory automatic transmission was removed in favor of a W55 which we had on hand from a previous project. The propeller shaft is not suited for automatic and a factory GX61 part is very hard to come by, so a 100-series Mark II part was used in its place. Clutch pedal is custom, and the handbrake from a GX81 was used. … Read More

“Butame” New Engine

Everything up to the loading and setting of the new engine was completed. On the engine main body, head surface grinding · 264 high cam · reinforced valve spring · titanium retainer · shim integral lifter built-in. After light tuning, it will run comfortably at high RPM. The Weber 50φ throttle linkage shaft is newly manufactured from stainless steel, set up with LINK full control managining the settings perfectly. Fittings were done in black, to blend wiring in and unify … Read More