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We met a lot of old friends and made new ones at the recent Okayama Classic Car Event. It was a really wonderful day. Thank you to everyone attended. One the way home from the event, we stopped at Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture, where we stayed overnight. The atmosphere of the old castle town was pleasant and the autumn leaves were beautiful. We spent a relaxing time there before retuning to Chiba. All four cars drove the full distance … Read More

Momotaro Densetsu

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Today we are participating in an old car event in Okayama, called “Legend of Momotaro”, hosted by dai.candy. We came with four of our cars all the way from Chiba to Okayama by highway. \ (^ O ^) / We have a stickers to give to people joining this event. (Limited number). To exchange a sticker is most welcome. Thank you. IZANAMI Co., Ltd.

“KamuKamu” in Mie

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Yesterday, we had an outing with some of our friends from Kyoto, Marufuku Racing. One stopping point on our drive was a car show at a festival in Mie prefecture, but the entrance was not as low-car friendly as we expected so we only stayed a short time before moving on.


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Today we are at Hachimaru Meeting at Fuji Speedway. Our “Butame” Mark II and GX61 Mark II installation is set up near the coffee corner so please feel free to drop by. IZANAMI Co., LTD.


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From the cars that attended the recent classic car festival at Link Circuit in Fukushima, we were able to meet and see various customers with the wheels that we custom made installed on their cars. It was a great pleasure for us to see that they are all getting great use out of cherishing our wheels. We were honored to receive such praise directly in person from our customers. It goes without saying that all wheels look their absolute coolest … Read More


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Our good friend and customer Mr. S’s Kenmeri Skyline is featured as a main focal point of an ongoing exhibition ‘THE ROOTS OF MONOZUKURI: CREATIVE SPIRIT IN JAPANESE AUTOMAKING’ at the world-famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. This exhibition showcases a variety of top-class vehicles following Japanese-style tuning from an American point of view, and Mr. S’s excellent Kenmeri with IZANAMI full custom ultra-rare Riverside Super River wheels takes center stage. It is a great honor to have … Read More

Kyusha Tengoku

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We were featured by Speedhunters in an article from last years Tokyo Odaiba Kyusha Tengoku “Old Car Heaven” event.