GX71 Mark II

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GX71 Mark II Hardtop Twin Cam 24 IZANAMI Full Custom ALBINO Fin 9.5J A-type, 10J A-type Genuine factory fender <GOKUTEISOU> Suspension joints upgraded to full pillowball, engine, subframe, transmission and crossmembers raised, front/rear lower arms and axles shortened, among other modifications Photographed in our neighborhood

Happy New Year

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Our schedule for the new year is already jam-packed so we are doing our best. Our recent work has been centered around optimizing and customizing suspension setups and engine tuning, which we will continue. We also will keep releasing new high quality parts and products one after another. This is our first update for the new year. Super Star SS-03 15-inch 10J A-type Super Star SS-03 15-inch 11J A-type Base Wheel:5H 14-inch 6J A-type (Step from 14-inch⇒15-inch) This set has … Read More

Celica XX ⑦

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Before we noticed, 2020 was already coming to an end. We have received many requests for custom work like this Celica XX, which was completed and delivered to our customer almost six months ago. We already have multiple projects in progress and more lined up for 2021. Here’s another progress update on our Twin Cam 24 Celica XX. All the suspension parts are installed and in place. There were lots of adjustments, customization made to the underbody and modifications that … Read More

Celica XX ⑥

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Work continues on Twin Cam 24 Celica XX. The rear arms pictured here have been offset by 70mm and converted to a pillowball joint at the rear crossmember. These are designed so that proper toe adjustment can be performed. This modification will allow wheels of 10J or wider to fit within the car’s factory normal fenders. The bearing collars and arm base are all machined by an NC lathe or machining center and are highly precise. In order to maintain … Read More

Pillowball Upper Mount

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[GOKUTEISOU] GX71 / 10 Soarer / Celica XX Front Demon Slayer Pillowball Upper Mount. Although it is another limited run, this product is now back in stock. This specialized pillowball upper mount satisfies such needs as; “My front camber angle is not enough” or “I want to fit wider wheels up front”. You can find this product and it’s details in our online shop. *Limited quantity IZANAMI Co., Ltd.

Celica XX ⑤

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Here’s an update on continued work of our Twin Cam 24 Celica XX. The rear crossmember and differential were raised by 30mm to match the raised height of the raised engine mount at the front. The goal is to make the underside as flat as possible. Considering strength, the rear crossmember has a semi-rigid structure, and a C-channel to accomodate exhaust clearance was cut. The crossmember is placed on a jig and modified while taking detailed measurements to prevent any … Read More

GX61 Custom Car Mag

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IZANAMI GX61 Mark II was published in the December issue of Custom Car magazine which was released today. It is on sale at convenience stores and newsstands nationwide. You can also purchase by Amazon: https://amzn.to/34HQ9aS IZANAMI Co., LTD.

Celica XX ④

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In order to prevent the vehicles frame from hitting the ground when the ride height is lowered, we sliced and raised the front and rear frame here. We constructed a reinforced shortened frame to increase rigidity. Welding was performed area by area using a specially constructed frame jig so that no frame distortion occurred. The result is a frame with zero distortion that sits higher up toward the body of the car, and is even more rigid than the genuine … Read More

Celica XX ③

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Work continues on our Twin Cam 24 Celica XX. Because the front engine mount was raised, we also raised the transmission mount by 30mm. This car will have an extremely low ride height, so the underside requires as much flattening as possible. With consideration to strength, this rigid-type transmission member was made from scratch. It was given a blue powdercoated finish for weather resistance and a long life. *Currently, there are a number of requests for in house customization to … Read More

New: Toyota Headers

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[GOKUTEISOU] × [NANIWA-KAN] Headers + 2-to-1 Support Set for Toyota This set of headers are a collaboration effort with [NANIWA-KAN], produced specifically for older model Toyota vehicles. The headers raise the exhaust position by 30mm to accommodate cars with extremely low ride heights. Thorough layout construction and top quality stainless steel are used to achieve the highest sound quality. Compatible Model: GA61 Celica XX / GZ10 Soarer Twin Cam  (1G-GE / 1G-GEU engine) GX61 Twin Cam  (1G-GE / 1G-GEU engine) … Read More

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