Advan A3A

posted in: Wide Custom

Our happy customer, Mr. H, from Hokkaido came to visit our shop in his custom GX71 Toyota Chaser.

He travelled a total of over 4000km on his journey by his own personal car fitted with IZANAMI custom wheels, and came to visit us at our shop here in Chiba prefecture.

We have had customers from all over Japan, from Okinawa in the South to Hokkaido in the North, and Mr. H has travelled the farthest of all customers so far to come and make a special visit.

We were really happy to hear he has been enjoying his IZANAMI wide custom Advan A3A wheels 10J Front 11J Rear, that they have perfect balance even at highway speeds and also that they compliment the unique look of his car very well.

“Even though my home is far away, my heart comes here with me,” he told us.

We enjoyed talking a lot with him and were impressed by his long-distance visit. We hope to see you in Hokkaido soon!

We came to realize how truly special our customers are and the support they continue to give us.