[GOKUTEISOU] Rear Spring SP01

$250.00 (tax + shipping incl.)

After years of prototype development working directly with a top spring manufacturer, our custom dual-rate spring specific for a high-comfort ride at ultra low ride-height was born.

When used in combination with GOKUTEI custom lowdown front coilover, GOKUTEI lowdown bumpstops and GOKUTEI lowdown damper, an unprecedented ride comfort can be achieved. With powder-coat finishing, this spring is very rust resistant and running tests have proved its excellence in attaining a balanced bounce-free ride.

To fit classic Toyota including MX41, GX51, GX61, GX71, 10-series Soarer, Celica XX, AA63 Carina and similar models with semi-trailing arm suspension. Also fits certain vehicles with solid rear axle, please enquire.

Thickly wound section: 26 kg
Finely wound section: 7 kg
ID: 117 mm
Blue powdercoat finishing
Affixed with IZANAMI DOT number
Made in Japan

This product is exclusive for competition use.

*1 spring. (Price is per one item. Please add 2 of this item to your cart for one vehicle.)
Estimated delivery allow up to 3 weeks.

The finely wound part of the spring is to be cut according to your desired vehicle ride height.

*Separate springs / shocks produced for Nissan/Datsun vehicles with semi-trailing arm suspension (Hakosuka Skyline, Butaketsu Laurel, etc) are also available. Please inquire about dual-rate springs for these vehicles by using our contact form.



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