‘DOBERMAN’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set

$98.00 (tax + shipping incl.)

“A guard-dog for your wheels”


Beloved classic Japanese wheels can be prone to theft. You never know when or where theft can happen, but a set of sturdy and secure wheel lock nuts that truly compliment the look of classic Japanese wheels cannot be found anywhere.

There are a lot of classic car owners feeling this anxiety and doubt about the security of their treasured wheels, aren’t there?

Coming to the rescue of such classic Japanese wheel owners, the ‘Doberman’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set was born.


☑ Unmatched Reliability Against Theft

This lock nut set makes use of a special nut key which is not distributed in markets outside Japan. There are nearly 100 different lock nut key types in production to protect your wheels from theft.


☑ Refined Design

The unique design of IZANAMI’s ‘Doberman’ wheel lock nut set incorporates compact 17mm hex heads, serving as an understated detail while letting the intricate designs of classic Japanese wheel hold the spotlight.


☑ Durability

Chromium molybdenum steel forged nuts boast 90% more strength than conventional steel wheel nuts.


☑ Corrosion Resistance

Lasting protection against rust, ensuring a very long lifespan.


☑ Set Contents: 

4 Lock Nuts, 1 Lock Key, 16 Wheel Nuts


Available in 2 finishes : CHROME or BLACK
M12 x 1.25 Pitch : NISSAN, SUBARU, SUZUKI


* Available in 2 pitches listed above. Please check the pitch carefully to match the make of your vehicle


IZANAMI’s ‘Doberman’ Lock Nut & Wheel Nut Set are the answer to the best protection of your classic Japanese wheel investment, and will be an integral piece allowing you to enjoy your classic car life for years to come.

As a purveyor of world top quality classic car parts, we have produced this lock nut set under the strictest criteria.


Made in Japan

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