GX71 Mark II ②

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Work continues on this GX71 Mark II.
The front suspension will first be completely removed.
Because the undercarriage has not been touched since new, hardened bushes, loose ball joints, etc are not ideal.
To fit a wide wheel up front without messing with factory fender body lines, a high degree of work must be done. We carefully measure and check each element with special attention to what work lies ahead.
Custom work will proceed forward only after old parts and base mechanical work is fully repaired or updated.
Old and worn parts are disposed of and replaced.
As the base for work becomes new again, you can be confident in smooth and worry free operation. Though we are doing extensive custom underbody and suspension work here, most important is the functionality of an older vehicle.
 Front lower arms are shortened, tie rods and rack ends optimized, etc to fit wider wheel.
 Although it is plain looking, important work related to driving performance is taken into strict consideration.
 After completion proper alignment is also taken.
 The car will run perfectly straight at high speed cruising.
 A main driving factor in customization is to make an extremely low car that you can drive anywhere stress free.