GX71 Mark II ⑥

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Our custom work on this GX71 Mark II has been completed. We did a short photoshoot of it near our shop.

 ① Base vehicle
1987 GX71 Mark II Twin Cam 24

 ② Custom Details
 -One-off original stainless exhaust & supports
-Trust header modification
-Dual drum
-Frame slicing
-Fender mirrors
-Raised members & transmission

Front suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Fully adjustable suspension with 24kg spring
Front suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Pillowball lower arm short version / Shortened rack-end / Pillowball tie rod end
Front wheel: IZANAMI full custom ALBINO Fin 9.5J A-type
Front tire: 175/55 “hippari tire”
Rear fender: Original genuine factory rear fenders
Rear shock: <GOKUTEISOU> Ultra low-down Stage 3 damper
Rear spring: <GOKUTEISOU> Ultra low SP01 rear dual rate spring
Rear suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Narrow custom axle, Lower arm shortening, low-down bumpstop
Diff: 2-WAY Mechanical LSD w/ Final Gear Optimization
Rear wheel: IZANAMI full custom ALBINO Fin 10J A-type
Rear tire: 195/45 “hippari tire”

The 10J A-type fit inside normal factory rear fender with extremely low-down ride height has become an outstanding custom Mark II.
It incorporates many of our own GOKUTEISOU line of suspension products that we have been steadily developing for years. Despite being extremely low, this is a car that can be comfortably driven over long distances and at speed.

You can purchase all of the original GOKUTEISOU suspension parts that were incorporated into this project, on the IZANAMI online shop.
We are continuing to develop a range of suspension parts and plan to release more throughout 2020. Please keep an eye on our homepage and blog for updates.