Celica XX

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Our current work is on this very clean nearly factory normal Toyota Celica XX Twin Cam 24. At the owners request we are now performing full custom work on this car.

From a detailed discussion with the owner, it was decided that this Celica will get our full menu of suspension work including optimizing front and rear arms to fit wider wheels within normal factory fenders, converting all joints to pillowball bearing, slicing and strengthening the frame and converting members to rigid. In addition, the car will also get our IZANAMI renewed model fully adjustable coilover suspension.

After loading the car on the lift for inspection and performing detailed measurements and calculations, work has begun.

The first stage will implement our <IZANAMI Gokuteisou> suspension with a focus on modifying the undercarriage for ample clearance when the ride height is lowered.
The second stage of work will be engine and intake tuning. We will continue to post updates as we progress.

*Currently, there are a number of requests for in house customization to install our <IZANAMI Gokuteisou> suspension, perform undercarriage customization and engine/intake/exhaust tuning with a busy period in the foreseeable future. Therefore, please excuse that we are unable to reply to wheel customization email inquiries immediately.