Celica XX ⑥

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Work continues on Twin Cam 24 Celica XX.
The rear arms pictured here have been offset by 70mm and converted to a pillowball joint at the rear crossmember. These are designed so that proper toe adjustment can be performed. This modification will allow wheels of 10J or wider to fit within the car’s factory normal fenders.
The bearing collars and arm base are all machined by an NC lathe or machining center and are highly precise. In order to maintain strength, the metal offset block is fastened with bolts inside the arm base, and welding is performed on a special jig while taking detailed measurements in order to prevent distortion.
There is no bending of rubber parts, and driving performance is greatly improved.
Notice: Currently, there are a large number of requests to accept vehicles to perform <GOKUTEISOU> complete custom work, with the schedule totally full. Therefore, please pardon that we cannot immediately respond to wheel email inquiries.