Riverside R101

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Riverside R101 4×110 13-inch 8.5J A-type 10.5J A-type Base Wheel: Original 8.5J / 6J A-type Vintage This set was delivered to our customer Mr. K in Oita Prefecture. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

GX71 Mark II ⑥

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Our custom work on this GX71 Mark II has been completed. We did a short photoshoot of it near our shop.  ① Base vehicle 1987 GX71 Mark II Twin Cam 24  ② Custom Details  -One-off original stainless exhaust & supports -Trust header modification -Dual drum -Frame slicing -Fender mirrors -Raised members & transmission Front suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Fully adjustable suspension with 24kg spring Front suspension: <GOKUTEISOU> Pillowball lower arm short version / Shortened rack-end / Pillowball tie rod end Front wheel: … Read More

New Sticker Designs

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IZANAMI horizontal logo IZANAMI gold hiragana vertical logo IZANAMI silver kanji vertical logo Wheel logo (gold/silver) Available in 5 types. Produced with an emphasis on texture and timeless simplicity. (Limited to 100 each) Feel free to collect them all. You can find these limited edition stickers in our official webshop. IZANAMI Co., LTD.

GX71 Mark II ⑤

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This car is originally a door mirror model but we changed it to fender mirrors. The frame slicing that we showed in the last post has been patched and welded with a new plate. The muffler is fully raised, and a C-notch was cut in the rear member to accomodate it. The rear has been shortened so that the 10J can tuck inside normal fender. After all settings are dialed in, it will get a full alignment. It will soon … Read More

GX71 Mark II ④

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Work on the front suspension is almost completed. -Gokuteisou Fully Adjustable Front Coilovers -Gokuteisou Shortened Control Arms -Gokuteisou Roll Center Adapter -Gokuteisou Custom Tie Rod and Shortened Rack End These parts were all installed and set. This setup will allows 9.5J width wheel to enter the factory fender body smoothly at the front. We are also slicing the frame and raising members to accomodate an ultra low ride height for his car. There is still work to be done to … Read More

GX71 Mark II ③

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  We continue with progress work on the front suspension.  [Gokuteisou x T-DEMAND] GX71 / 10 Soarer Front Defeat Pillow Upper Mount Set http://www.izanami-wheel.com/en/product/pillowballuppermount/ “My front camber angle is not enough” or “I want to fit a wider wheel up front” are demands satisfied by this new pillowball upper mount. We have produced this mount in collaboration with “Super Lowdown Meister” specialist shop T-DEMAND. We posted previously about the shortened front arms for this GX71 and we have also installed … Read More

Happy New Year

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Its already going to be a busy start to 2020, but we will keep doing our best! This is our first update for the new year. Jilba Racing 14-inch 11J A-type 13J A-type Base wheel: 4H 14-inch 6.5J A-type This set was delivered to our customer, Mr. E in Kumamoto Prefecture. The deep and refined image of these full custom Jilba Racing wheels makes a fitting first post of 2020. We look forward to working with you this year. We … Read More

2019 Thanks for Support!

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2019 has come to a close even before we realized it. Though we were very busy, we had a very fulfilling year thanks to the support of many. There are many things that we want to upgrades to, so we will keep working hard to make it possible. We will end our year with this update on the progress of our custom GX71 Mark II. The front lower arm has been shortened, and the base of the member has been … Read More

GX71 Mark II ②

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Work continues on this GX71 Mark II. The front suspension will first be completely removed. Because the undercarriage has not been touched since new, hardened bushes, loose ball joints, etc are not ideal. To fit a wide wheel up front without messing with factory fender body lines, a high degree of work must be done. We carefully measure and check each element with special attention to what work lies ahead. Custom work will proceed forward only after old parts and … Read More

GX71 Mark II

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  Here we have a pristine full factory late-model GX71 Mark II Twin Cam 24. We have had a request from the owner to give it the full custom treatment. After a detailed meeting with the owner, we started work. It was first loaded onto our lift for a complete inspection and assessment. While making the most of the factory lines and original atmosphere of this car, we will focus heavy custom work on the suspension, wheels and undercarriage.  IZANAMI … Read More

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